One name, two brothers and a shared passion - this is how FREY UND FREY started in spring 1978. Our Live Communication company stands for quality, continuity and reliable partnership - standards that are as important today as they have always been in the more than 37 years of our existence.

What we do

We are brand architects and bring our customer’s products and services alive at trade fairs, events, sponsorship occasions, in interior areas or at roadshows. We know it sounds cheesy, but we really love what we do.

The way we work

We partner our clients’ brand and marketing professionals who hold responsibility for trade fairs and events. Plus – which is also very important to us - we cooperate with competent representatives from advertising, PR and brand agencies. Always with the same goal: You as our customer must be happy with the ultimate result.

Values and attitudes

We give our best to exceed your expectations. Passion for the perfect outcome is in our corporate culture.

Customer orientation

Our customers are our partners. There is a good reason why relying on us significantly contributes towards your success: We guarantee what we promise and exceed expectations.


We create sustainable benefits for our customers. We understand your needs and expectations, seek and find the right solutions and implement them efficiently and effectively.


We create room for creativity. We call new shores our home.


We are open, genuine and sincere. Integrity is a bedrock principle in our communication with clients, partners and staff.


We treat people within and outside our Frey premises with respect, esteem and professionalism.

«Stay hungry and foolish» (Stewart Brand)


We are always open for new talents.
Are you interested in an exciting activity? Can you offer us A LOT? Are you ready for a high degree of commitment, teamwork, good coffee and Berne? Then we could just be searching for you.

Send your spontaneous application to

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Building upon years of experience, we’ve developed a loyal client base ranging from large market corporations to small start-ups.