Urban living ideas.


That's what makes Parkly tick.

Parkly creates places where people can sit down, relax and meet others. Whether it’s a public square, an office space, or a residential courtyard, good public spaces connect people. Parkly offers a simple alternative to lengthy and expensive redesigns and a tool that makes participation easy and visible for participants and planners alike. Parkly projects are based on the needs of the users to create the best possible place.


Placemaking as a service.

The modular system creates multifunctional and highly customizable solutions such as unique parks, terraces or urban hang-outs. Parkly modules include seating, green modules and additional parts for work, exercise and play.

The design and choice of materials make Parkly an easy-to-maintain, durable and sustainable product.

Parkly represents a new way of making products. Circular economy, decentralized manufacturing and shortest supply chains – that’s what Parkly stands for.

Parkly Placeideas Spring 2022

Our heart beats green.

Therefore, it is very easy to integrate plants and trees into the system, both color and theme customizable. Edible flowers, herbs and plants for increased biodiversity (or kitchen extension) are also part of the range.

Parkly’s stated goal is to allow more greenery and biodiversity to emerge in urban spaces and to protect our existing forests. Therefore, with every Parkly module produced, 10 square meters of virgin forest in Europe is protected.

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Team & Mission

Parkly was founded by Päivi Raivio & Daniel Bumann, founders of RaivioBumann Studio for public art, place-making and urban design.

Päivi Raivio and Daniel Bumann are artists and designers with a “walk the talk” attitude. They are passionate about better public spaces – the heart of good city life and thriving communities. They are designers at heart, and seeing tangible results and creative methods come to life in public spaces is the fuel that drives them to create change in the urban environment.

Off we go.