Tomorrow's bank branch.

Raiffeisenbank Sensetal


Tomorrow's bank branch.

Since the completion of planning and construction at the end of 2018, the Raiffeisenbank Sensetal in Flamatt, Canton of Freiburg, has shown off its unique business model that is revolutionising the domestic banking sector. It transforms the traditional bank into a gathering place for residents, customers and regional entrepreneurs. The counter room is now designed as a meeting zone with bistro, lounge and a pop-up store.

Digital transformation of banking.
In today’s age, in which digitisation and artificial intelligence are increasing the productivity of companies but threatening to curtail human interaction, new solutions are needed to maintain personal service and strong bonds with customers. This is especially true of the banking sector, where smartphones and ATMs have rendered traditional counters largely obsolete. The Raiffeisenbank Sensetal is facing up to this challenge by selecting a highly practical approach to advancing the digital transformation, while still connecting people in their everyday lives.

The former counter area is transformed into the Bistro Restaurant Quichet.
An important element of the meeting place is to integrate a food outlet in the form of a bistro with terrace and lounge. Quichet – the name of the new bistro. The PLC that was founded specifically for this purpose gives the bank additional influence. Created as a designated brand, the Quichet serves fresh and regional delicacies to customers and guests from the morning through to the evening. The attractive, modern and cosy ambience is an inviting place to linger.

And normal banking business? Naturally, it has slipped seamlessly into this setting as well. The bank is open to serve its customers all day, from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm. Its approach is unique and a revolutionary concept within the Swiss banking sector. Quick and initial advice for new and current customers takes place in a dynamic environment, wherever the space allows. Customer appointments for meetings and more detailed servicing are held on the upper floors of the building.

Pop-up space for entrepreneurs and artists
The inclusion of pop-up space is an important aspect of the concept. It is used as a platform for local and regional companies to market their products and services to new clientèle. In turn, the bank is able to offer a varied and alternating programme that will help to attract new customers. Besides its use as a marketplace for small businesses, the sales and marketing platform is available to local institutions, individuals and artists to organise more cultural exhibitions and events.

Constant change
The new branch of Raiffeisenbank Sensetal offers a unique and varied ambience that attracts visitors from far beyond its regional location in Flamatt. It is also a paradigm of how the world of banking can create and embrace a sustainable approach. Services need to grow continuously and harmoniously with the brand, adopting flexible and adaptable structures in a market that is exposed to constant change. Coordinated to reflect current affairs, trends and social issues, the new gathering place enables sustainable support for individual market segments and the promotion of local businesses, while attracting continuous interest in the Raiffeisen brand.

A successful process
The project was developed in close cooperation with the consultancy firm Swisswise. Designing the new branch concept was a challenge from day one. Personal contact between the bank and its customers needed to be maintained and expanded, while at the same time accommodating the progressive digitisation of banks and their business across all areas. The innovative approach helped to square this apparent circle.

In a first step, Swisswise conducted detailed market and environment analyses, as well as numerous workshops. A suitable operating concept was then developed on this basis. Frey & Frey built its design on the insight acquired from the upstream work. The design imbues the premises with character, style and emotions, without neglecting the aspects of functionality, efficiency and sustainability. At the same time, Swisswise supported Raiffeisenbank in the establishment of new processes, operating procedures and business structures. In addition, Frey & Frey took charge of project management and implementation of construction. The smooth collaboration between the Raiffeisenbank, Swisswise and Frey & Frey enabled special, individual customer wishes to be met, from the initial idea to turnkey completion.

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