Many nimble finger games.

Experienced hands will ensure that with us you can get everything from a single stop:  Roll-ups, pop-up displays, labels, POS material, printing material and cutting.

Thanks to flexible foil lettering, fast digital printing, brilliant UV printing and a CNC cutter for milling, cutting, drilling and engraving with millimetre accuracy, there’s no material or shape we won’t turn our hand to.
Striking design and long-lasting colours will turn your vehicle fleet into a rolling campaign with recognition effect.
Our expertise, gained over many years, in developing and implementing signage concepts literally leads the way.
What the sun can’t see can’t bother the neighbours. With our broad range of sun and light protective films, you are firmly in control.
To make sure rapid deployment on behalf of your brand doesn’t remain for your eyes only: our mobile roll-ups, backwalls, lightboxes and counters.
Thanks to stencil technology with 1 and 2-component printing inks, our printed curtains, sails and awnings will last until the next mini-ice age.
For indoors, outdoors, small, large, important and whatever: our mesh and tarpaulin banners will drum your message home.


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Primo Energie AG

Electric hippie.

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The aesthete.

«Aesthetics is the interplay of subtle differences between your choice of material and colour and their area of application.»

Angela Stähli | Head of Advertising Technology


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