Pixel parade.

Architecture, interior design, product design and much more besides.

Thanks to first rate visualisations, you can experience your project live before realisation.


Come on down.

Realistic textures, atmospheric lighting and a high degree of detail create a virtual experience barely distinguishable from reality.

Here’s how it works.

To start the project or submit an initial quotation, we need the planning basics, e.g. floor plans, views and sections. Photos, sketches, detailed plans and any existing 3D models are also helpful. The files can be sent by email as a DWG and/or PDF file. For larger data packages, we recommend WeTransfer (free of charge). Planning is made easier for us if the desired angle is highlighted in the floor plan and a timeframe is defined. Additional information such as details of materials and reference images create an ideal departure point for the next steps. All the data submitted will of course be treated in strict confidence and not passed to third parties. The next step is to produce the first 3D plaster models. This is how we define mood and expression together with you. Colours, lighting, choice of perspective and the type of presentation are also defined. This leads to compelling visual imagery and a coherent overall concept of the final images. On request, you can also receive 360° panoramas as well as animations and virtual tours (VR tours) for your project. We would be happy to take time for your questions on the opportunities offered by this fascinating technology.

Off we go.