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The system for measuring, controlling and analysing footfall and emotion tracking.

Current regulations require visitor flows to be measured and controlled in many publicly accessible spaces. Our solution: Connecting the Digital Signage System with passby. In this way, the maximum number of visitors can be reliably monitored and controlled without any additional manpower. But passby can do much more than that. Thanks to its versatility, it represents an investment in the future.


Here's how it works.

passby sensors measure visitor flows at entrances and exits. In the process, the entrance signage is continuously synchronised in real time. By combining several sensors, it is no longer necessary to constrict routes – your business will thus continue to meet directives on escape and rescue routes.


The passby sensor measures with an accuracy of 99.9%. It distinguishes between shopping trolleys and customers and also detects children.

Customer flows

passby is connected to existing or new digital signage systems at the entrance area to control customer flows reliably and in a self-explanatory way.


passby adapts to your needs. Anything is possible, from monitoring a single entrance/exit to synchronising several access streams. Wide access routes can be monitored by coupling several sensors.


The passby sensor is installed at a height of 2.2 to 11 m. In this way, no customer can block the sensor and all fluctuations are reliably recorded.


Benefits thrown in.

With passby, you will be meeting current regulations on hygiene and protection. But that’s not all. For example, the system can also work out the best times to visit – a useful service for the users of your online channels.

Information flow

Automatic despatch of data and analyses to selected individuals.

Data Tracking

Data recording for traceability, analysis and the provision of evidence.



Taking the burden off personnel thanks to comprehensive digitisation.


Live dashboard with simple displays for monitoring and evaluations.

Data security & data protection

The data collected are processed exclusively on Swiss servers in accordance with current data protection legislation (GDPR-compliant and certified).

Development & features

All features are continually adapted to fit the latest security rulings of the Federal Labor Court (BAG).


Visions of the future.


Here we are.

Off we go.